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Thread: suse11b2 / kde4 / kdebase4-runtime

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    Default suse11b2 / kde4 / kdebase4-runtime

    i got me suse11 (beta 2 if i recall correctly) but having a wierd issue; im trying to add the RPM "kde4-plasmoid-quickaccess-0.3-1.1.i586.rpm" but i am getting an error which i can not seem to work-around.

    When i click the RPM i am told that I need the following
    kdebase4-runtime and

    So off to software management and i find the kdebase4-runtime and right-click > update but then i am told that:-

    No matter what I do, I can not get that
    I have all the default sources and a few others for good measure. I have searched google which says I need OpenEXR (or something like that) but there are no links to the required file(s).

    Anyone else had this issue?
    How did they get around it?

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    Default Re: suse11b2 / kde4 / kdebase4-runtime

    Try here for OpenEXR. This provides
    Paul Turner

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