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Thread: suse 11 on dell latitude d520

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    Default suse 11 on dell latitude d520

    im thinking of installing suse 11 on my dell latitude d520 laptop. it will be used for wireless internet and office work and a few windows games mostly small games by reflexive and bigfish.
    the laptop has a 945gm graphic card and when i tried ubuntu i had a few issuses with this card playing the games (the bigfish/reflexive) but torcs was fine

    can anyone see any problems i may run into installing suse 11
    the problems i had maybe with wine?

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    Default Re: suse 11 on dell latitude d520

    I'm typing this on the same system. It runs beautifully and it's the best distro (and version) I've had running on it.

    I haven't had to tune much (mainly using GNOME) other than disabling beagle.
    Just to be sure I've set ' noatime,noacl ' as mount options for my reiserfs partitions, but the general advice is to install using xfs or ext3.

    If you are using compiz, it should run very smoothly, as I've also updated to the latest compiz packages you will find in the X11/XGL repositories, giving me the sphere (ball instead of cube) and all other effects.

    So I can fully recommend it!


    Ps Wireless (iwl3945 driver) worked out of the box being managed with Networkmanager, whereas this always needed some small tinkering (driver update or forced to use ifup) in older versions.
    Have a lot of fun!

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    Default Re: suse 11 on dell latitude d520

    ok i think il give it a whirl

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