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Thread: Amarok + kde4+.wma = ???

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    Default Amarok + kde4+.wma = ???

    I'm using openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 4.1 on a MacBook.
    I've installed the codecs (including w32codec) from here but I can't get Amarok to play .wma files (no problem with .mp3).
    On the other hand, VLC plays both file types.
    Anything I can do here to get .wma files to play on Amarok?

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    Default Re: Amarok + kde4+.wma = ???

    Try installing the gstreamer from the Packman repository, or switching the engine in amarok from gstreamer to xine.

    I haven't tried the gstreamer from packman to see if it would play wma.. but I would imagine it may..

    But again, if it doesn't use the Xine engine.
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    Default Re: Amarok + kde4+.wma = ???

    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm using KDE 4.1 and the only engine available to me right now is yauap.
    Certainly gstreamer is a gnome thing, not sure about xine but I can't find the plugin available for install in kde 4.1

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    Default Re: Amarok + kde4+.wma = ???

    Hmmm....obviously I wasn't looking too hard for the xine plugin as it's right there in yast software management.
    Installed and now .wma files play fine.
    Thanks a lot

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