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Thread: 10.3 gnome upgrade to 11.0 kde4

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    Default 10.3 gnome upgrade to 11.0 kde4

    i have 10.3 installed right now, i just downloaded 11.0..

    on an install can i use the upgrade option in 11.0 and check kde4...if id rather change to kde4???

    can i switch from 10.3 gnome to 11.0 kde 4 on a upgrade install???

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    Default Re: 10.3 gnome upgrade to 11.0 kde4

    sure you can..

    just put in the DVD and choose upgrade .. on package install choose the kde4 enviroment and it will be installed... (you can add extra packages you would like to install aswell..

    i guess your first boot will bring you to gnome but in the session chooser just choose kde4 and make it default when asked..

    easy peasy

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    Default Re: 10.3 gnome upgrade to 11.0 kde4

    i picked upgrade and didnt see where i can choose kde4.. right now im on installation settings, scolled down to packages but under packages there is a red line saying "cannot solve all conflicts. manual intervention is required"

    if i click on packages i get a warning?

    was packages wher i choose kde4???

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