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Thread: What's the root password?

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    Default What's the root password?

    I remember when installing the beta 2 Live CD that during install it asked me to set the root password. I just installed the final version from the DVD and it didn't ask me to set this. Now, when I try to access yast to install software, something is asking for the root password -- why didn't the install have me set this, and how do I set it now?


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    The same as your users password. That is unless you unselected the option on the install.
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    During install when tou enter your user name and password there's a checkbox
    beneath to also use this password for the root user. If you didn't check
    that, I believe it'll have a blank password by default.

    Have you tried this?

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    I don't recall unchecking it, but I guess I must have. Entering nothing doesn't help, so how do I set it?

    UPDATE: I tried restarting, and now it accepts my password for some reason... Weird. I guess that's it then, thanks.

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