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Thread: suse 11 on macbook

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    Default suse 11 on macbook

    I've been a huge fan of SuSE since version 9.however I dont know too much about configuring it ..
    I am now a proud owner of a macbook (intel) OS tiger

    My plan is to triple boot
    Windows installed flawlessly
    At one point it installed all the way to GRUB error, then my Windows OS disappeared.
    I am not using bootcamp to partitionI am using terminal commands
    I am also using rEFit..
    So, my Question is ::::: how in the WORLD do I install this PUPPY on my macbook.

    I havve been reading online...but cant figure it out.....i need STEP-BY-STEP instructions...(suSE 4 DUMMIES lol) thx

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    Default Re: suse 11 on macbook

    i installed ubuntu today with no error.... reformatted my HDD ant start from scratch.... same result with Suse 11.......i tried ubuntu again, no problems....what gives????? i prefer suse than ubuntu. i need some help

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