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Thread: upgrade from opensue10.3 to 11

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    sujith_foss NNTP User

    Default upgrade from opensue10.3 to 11

    I am new to opensuse.Opensuse10.3 is running on my machine.Opensuse11 Live CD is with me.I don't want to do a fresh hard disk installaion. How Can I upgrade from 10.3 to 11 using Live CD.Please help.Thanks in advance


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    First, create a backup of your /etc folder and from de /root and /home/username folders before proceeding (or like me: save diskspace but prepare for the worst..

    put in the dvd (i prefer the DVD) and boot from it. Read and accept the EULA (click next)
    choose update

    resolve any dependancies

    your done

    (reconfigure your wireless network, grub boot menu and some other stuff)

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