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    Have a Lenovo 3000 N200 laptop. Can get it to connect to my non-broadcasting WPA wifi network no problems. However rather than showing the name either via wifi system tray tool or from the 'computer' menu. It actually lists the network as '(none)'.

    When connected its been leased an ipaddress correctly from my router, if i run iwconfig i can see its connected to the right ESSID. If however i click network wireless from the 'computer' menu it displays completely the wrong info for example

    IP address:
    subnet mask:
    default route:
    dns: - this is correct

    The ip address its actually got according to ifconfig is on the 192.168.50.x range. I should also say the config ifconfig/iwconfig give are correct, so i'm really not sure whats happening.

    Any ideas? isn't my routers address - i'm in the uk. I should also say the ip details from the 'computer' menu change on every reboot.



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    For what its worth - if i check the connection details from the icon in the system tray. The connection details are correct. So its only those details from the 'computer' menu which are wrong.

    There is no physical cable in place - just this one single wireless connection. And now post a reboot the computer menu thinks its on a address.

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    Link to image
    Image showing problem
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