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Thread: Netgear WG511T-need help with it

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    Default Netgear WG511T-need help with it

    I installed openSUSE KDE and can't get my Netgear WG511T working.
    In ControlCenter/NetworkSettings if have the following:

    Name is AR5212/AR5213 Mulitprotocol MAC/baseband processor (No hwinfo)
    Device name: wlan0
    Started automatically on cable connection
    Ip address assigned using DHCP

    When I click on Edit, the Hardware tab shows that the ath5k module is used for this device.

    With the card inserted in the PCMCIA slot, one of the green light stays constantly lit, and the other green light does not come on at all.

    Interestingly, if I exit openSUSE and boot to my Freespire installation, the card works fine. Freespire set this up first try without any problems.

    I'm a real novice at this stuff, so any help someone gives me will have to be really basic, step by step stuff. If you tell me to log on as root or to recompile a package, I will be totally lost! Sorry.


    Dave McCarthy

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    Default Re: Netgear WG511T-need help with it

    [please ignore]

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    Default Re: Netgear WG511T-need help with it

    I'm in the same boat...same card and just the one green light.

    Heck, I figured that I'd go ahead and use just use NDISWrapper, but I couldn't 'rmmod' or 'blacklist' the ath5k driver. I hope someone can help us.


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    Default Re: Netgear WG511T-need help with it

    ndiswrapper is the way to go for nearly all netgear wireless devices,but, the wg511t, you can get drivers from madwifi

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