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Thread: KDE4 dolphin/konquerer problems

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    Default KDE4 dolphin/konquerer problems

    Hi All,

    I've just moved from 10.3 to 11.0 and am generally very happy with 11.0 and using KDE 4. One of my biggest complaints however is the file management within KDE4. Dolphin seems quite nice, but it seems that you cannot have multiple tabs in it like in this so? I find it much nicer and cleaner for the desktop when working within multiple tabs instead of having to open up a new dolphin browser for each directory I want to see.

    The other problem is with embedded viewing of images. With KDE 3 and konqueror, when I selected an image to view, I could then use "<-" and "->" buttons within konquerer to view the previous/next images (also rotating them, saving them, etc)...these feature seems to be missing now in KDE4, both with dolphin and konqueror....has anyone noticed this too?


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    Default Re: KDE4 dolphin/konquerer problems

    Haven't played with images yet, but I did notice your missing tabs in Dolphin. From what I read, tabs is a planned future feature.

    Luckily, the kde3 version of Konqueror is still there, and I have been using it.
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    Default Re: KDE4 dolphin/konquerer problems

    Hi. Thanks for that. Hmmm...must look to see if the konqueror that comes up under KDE4 is the kde3 version or not.

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    Default Re: KDE4 dolphin/konquerer problems

    KDE 4 version of Konqueror also has tabs.

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    Default Re: KDE4 dolphin/konquerer problems

    I'm using the 4.1 betas (4.0.84), and while I can't seem to find an "open in tab" option when right-clicking on a directory, I can open a tab via the File dialog (or Ctl-Shift-N).

    It opens my home directory when I do.

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    Default Re: KDE4 dolphin/konquerer problems

    That's odd, I see it on mine. I am using the 4.1 betas as well from the KDE 4 Factory repo

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    Default Re: KDE4 dolphin/konquerer problems

    Did you find a solution to the lack of previous/next buttons when viewing an image in Konqueror? None of the modes under View->View Mode have this functionality. Additionally, none of them except "Embedded Image Viewer" support GIF animations

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