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Thread: Low Frame Rates - OS11.0 - GeForce MX 440

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    Default Low Frame Rates - OS11.0 - GeForce MX 440


    I just upgraded from OpenSuse 10.3 to OpenSuse 11.0 and I am having issues with frame rates on games. In particular I am having an issue now with the game Saurebraten. Before the upgrade I could play the game fine with a good 50 or so fps. Now when I start the game I get a fps of 1. I've had trouble with other games too, such as Supertux and Armagetron running extremely slowly. I've reinstalled everything, including doing a straight install of OS11 and installing everything, but the issue is still there. Any advice? Thank you.

    OS: OpenSuse 11.0
    card: GeForce MX 440
    Display: GSM LG L2404WT
    Memory: 750mb
    CPU: Intel P 4 1.80GHZ

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    Default Re: Low Frame Rates - OS11.0 - GeForce MX 440

    Reinstall your video drivers. Try disabling composite and aiglx if all else fails. You have to do that through command line though. Anyway, reinstall drivers and say what happened,
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