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    Is it possible to have widget layer (as in kde4) and consequntly widgetrs in kde 3.5


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    yes it is and it very easy to get working

    if you have compiz fusion working just go into yast and install the package screenlets then go in the compizconfig (CCSM) and enable the Widget Layer plugin.

    after up place some widgets with the screenlet manager right click them and select widget from there menu and it will take them of the desktop and make them show when you enable the compiz widget layer

    hop this helps

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    Thanks for you response,

    However after installing screenlets as I try to enable widget plugin, it is automatically de-selected after 8-10 sec.

    Also I am going to try your trick on 4.1.1 compiz issue

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    make sure all of the image loader plugins are enabled then try the widget layer

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    It worked for me.

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