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Thread: Compiz window focusing problem

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    Default Compiz window focusing problem

    I turned on compiz as window manager in System settings' Session Manager, then I encounter difficulty switching focus between two opened windows, it looks that the focus has already been on the current window, but any mouse operations are actually applied to the previous window.
    For example, A and B, two windows are opened,A is the current window, then I click B's title bar, B is supposed to be the current window, and A becomes the previous window, then when I try to move B by mouse dragging its title bar, the actually moved window turns out to be A.

    Is this a known bug? or only happened to me?

    Any fix? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Compiz window focusing problem

    I've noticed quite a few little bugs like this with compiz, they are pretty annoying too. The biggest one for me, is that when you try and maximize, or close a window, it doesn't always focus properly, instead of closing or maximizing, the focus just shifts to another window, or it think you are trying to drag the window to make it bigger.

    Hopefully they'll come up with a patch soon for this.

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    Default Re: Compiz window focusing problem

    I too have the same issue you describe. I'm not sure it's Compiz's fault though.

    I've tried turning off Compiz to see if that helped with my issue... it hasn't. Every time I reboot my freshly installed openSuse 11.3 I get that annoying window focus issue. My only solution to date has been to restart the XDM. Which also becomes very annoying. I would go as far as removing compiz if it would solve the problem but I doubt it will.

    Ten Minutes Later

    Before posting I thought I would give my assumption satisfaction (I really hate being wrong) and went ahead and completely removed Compiz with no avail.

    This "Glitch" happens to me every time I start the system up or after hours of intense work. Other than that the system works fine.

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