I installed Apache2, apache2-mod_php5 and php5. Apache doesn't seem to be loading the php modules though. When I do httpd2 -M I get:

Loaded Modules:
 core_module (static)
 mpm_prefork_module (static)
 http_module (static)
 so_module (static)
 actions_module (shared)
 alias_module (shared)
 auth_basic_module (shared)
 authn_file_module (shared)
 authz_host_module (shared)
 authz_groupfile_module (shared)
 authz_default_module (shared)
 authz_user_module (shared)
 authn_dbm_module (shared)
 autoindex_module (shared)
 cgi_module (shared)
 dir_module (shared)
 env_module (shared)
 expires_module (shared)
 include_module (shared)
 log_config_module (shared)
 mime_module (shared)
 negotiation_module (shared)
 setenvif_module (shared)
 ssl_module (shared)
 suexec_module (shared)
 userdir_module (shared)
php is not in the list for some reason. httpd.conf and php5.conf in next post