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Thread: Odd Boot-up Problem

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    Question Odd Boot-up Problem

    I use OpenSUSE 10.3 on a Dell Inspiron 8600, which is about 4 years old. I use a Dell docking station, to which I have a wireless keyboard and mouse attached as well as a line to a router, a printer cable and an electric adaptor (also Dell). I have it set for dual boot, having kept the Windows that came with the machine. For a long while, I had no difficulties booting up.

    Now, the problem. Beginning a few days ago, with the computer attached to the docking station, after boot-up began and the menu for operating systems was displayed, the computer froze up. When I turned the computer off, removed the computer from the docking station and then booted up, there was no problem in selecting the operating system. I could then reattach the computer to the docking station and it would function well.

    Is the problem in the dual boot arrangement? If it is, how can I fix it?



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    Default Re: Odd Boot-up Problem

    Hi Tuch,

    I don't think its the dual boot playing up.
    Could be something you updated (like drivers or support for the docking station) or have added to your running environment / desktop.

    Where exactly did it freeze and are there any messages in /var/log/messages or /var/log/warn?
    If it happens again check the /var/log/ files for clues.

    Have a lot of fun!

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    Did you change any thing in you,re
    BIOS setup ? Maybe by accident.
    Suse can act very strange sometimes when you make a change in you,re BIOS setup.


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    Question Re: Odd Boot-up Problem

    Thanks for the responses.

    I don't recall doing anything differently, other than downloading security updates for OpenSUSE, of which I was notified by Novel. I made no changes in BIOS.

    What sort of procedure should I follow to see if there is an incompatibility between some software and the booter?

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    Default Re: Odd Boot-up Problem

    You said the computer froze at the 'select OS to boot' screen.

    What indications of 'froze' do you have? Keyboard not work? Is there an auto-select timer that should be counting down, but isn't?

    Which keyboard are you using that isn't working? The laptop's built-in? or the wireless?

    Which multi-os boot selecter are you using? GRUB? Lilo? Windows thingy?

    Is it possible that you're using GRUB/Lilo and there was an update recently, possibly changing how the keyboard (internal/external) is seen?

    Take Care,


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    Question Re: Odd Boot-up Problem

    By froze, I mean that the keys didn't work. I use the keyboard on the laptop. I use Grub and don't recall any recent updates to it.

    BUT Never Mind That. By mistake, I turned on the computer while docked up and this time, It Worked! There was no freeze. I have no explanation; nothing changed between yesterday, when the computer froze at the boot screen and today, when it didn't.

    Computers are occasionally malevolent and sneaky.

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    Unhappy Re: Odd Boot-up Problem

    Never mind the last note. It happened again. So, how do I find out what the problem is (or do I have to do a complete reinstallation, in which case I might as well try 11.0, despite my aversion to things with a ".0".)?

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    Default Re: Odd Boot-up Problem

    Check grub and make sure it's not using /dev/sdx . By adding a device during the boot sequence it changes the order of things. Use UUID.

    I have a ESata hard drive that does what you describe no matter if I am using UUID or not. I simply have to have it unplugged when starting the computer. I was thinking it was some sort of bios detection error that GRUB doesn't like. However, when I connect the same hard drive with USB, no problems. Sometimes I think the computer just hates me,
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