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    Hey I was wondering if there is a way to resize the linux partitions on my HD. I have a laptop... so it's not like i can just stick another drive in there.. and i want to shrink them a little so i can give windows a lil more room to breathe. I usually use partlogic to do so... but for some reason on my laptop partlogic crashes. is there a way i can shrink my /home or / in linux itself?

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    i use gparted to do all partitioning, as i much prefer it to the partitioner in yast. you can download gparted, burn it as a cd image to a cd, and boot from it, it will detect all your drive partitions and allow you to do whatever you want. can download it from here Files

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    Parted Magic is also nice. Burn the iso, and boot to it.

    Index of /get/partedmagic

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