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Thread: Corrupt torrent for openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso?

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    anamezon NNTP User

    Question Corrupt torrent for openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso?

    I wonder does anybody else have the same problem as me with the torrent for openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso?

    Several days already (I'm using KTorrent 2.2.6 btw) I am stuck at only one corrupt chunk (#8045, more precisely) and no matter how many times I check the data integrity (which results in re-downloading the same chunk) the MD5 hash of the downloaded ISO is always


    and not


    as it should be according to the openSUSE web site.

    It didn't matter whether I used the torrent from or from, I ended up with the same (incorrect) result.

    So, did anyone else get the same MD5 sum? Is the torrent corrupt, or is it just me seeing things because of the heat here in Germany?

    And just in case I am not wrong and someone from the openSUSE CD/DVD-release team reads this thread - do you mind checking the above-mentioned torrent? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Corrupt torrent for openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso?

    My file 'openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso' timestamped '2008-06-20 08:50' from the torrent on the suse website matches the md5 you posted as the correct one.

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    anamezon NNTP User

    Unhappy Re: Corrupt torrent for openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso?

    well, just to be sure, I did a "check installation media" run with a DVD (-RW ) that I burned from the torrent ISO with the wrong MD5 checksum and it was reported as "broken", so there seems to be a problem with it

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    anamezon NNTP User

    Default Re: Corrupt torrent for openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso?

    sorry, wrong angle to look at the problem ...
    it was my ext3 filesystem that needed a fsck; probably the torrent is OK ...
    I'll try to delete the thread if I can

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    windtalker10 NNTP User

    Default Re: Corrupt torrent for openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso?

    I had the exact same problem as the original poster.
    The problem was fixed by popping in gparted and reformatting / with ext3.

    [I only use swap and /,,, no home.]

    Evidently whatever is on the dvd to format doesn't overwrite the hd enough to keep the new install from being corrupted by the old install.

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