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Thread: Compiz and window positions

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    Default Compiz and window positions

    I got problem with compiz in openSUSE 11.
    System doesn't remember window positions (amarok for example) so when I maximize and close amarok, after second run of amarok it is not maximized so I have to maximize it each run
    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Compiz and window positions

    Same here...

    Could anyone make a button: "Save my desktop as it is right now and at each boot restore". ?

    On the other hand it is like a real office, take out your pen(s), papers etc. from your drawers.
    Here I need to unpack my superkaramba widgets, arrange my browser positions, ah well it's just once a day and lasts me 16+ hrs.
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    Default Re: Compiz and window positions

    I have to admit that ubuntu 8.04 remember windows positions with compiz enabled

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