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Thread: NFS won't write!

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    Robert Smits NNTP User

    Default NFS won't write!

    I have a couple of machines I'm trying to network with nfs. On this
    particular pair, one is an office desktop with the nfs server set up
    through YAST to serve /home/office to my local network.

    On my laptop, I can see the directory when I set up the nfs client, also
    through YAST. I mount it to /network/office on the laptop, with owner
    of /network set to my local user name, group users.

    This works to the extent I can see files on the office machine, and even
    copy them to the laptop, but it won't work going the other direction.

    And it makes no difference that I have the nfsserver set to export as rw,

    The nfs documentation I can find on the net is really confusing, because it
    keeps talking about setting up nfs networks via the command line, which
    doesn't help me very much to figure out what the heck is going on.

    I suspect this is happening at the server end, but don't see what I should
    be looking for. Any suggestions for how to proceed?

    Thanks, Bob
    -- (Robert Smits, Ladysmith BC)

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    Default Re: NFS won't write!

    Check the file privs on each system. Make sure that you have write privileges for that user each way. The other important thing to check is the UID/GID of your user/group on each side. A common mistake is to have different UID's for your user on each respective system.

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