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    Ok, I've switched from Ubuntu to OpenSUSE now, and so far I'm loving it. Still learnin though, it's quite different

    One thing I loved about Ubuntu is it's sudo policy. It seems different from other distros including SUSE.

    In Ubuntu when I edit sudoers, and type NOPASSWD: ALL in the "Users that may gain root privileges" line, it stops bothering me with passwords... This does not seem to work with SUSE. Why? Is there a way to remove that password asking everytime I try to do administrative task?

    I am very well of security risk that does, but thats the way I like to work. I like to have full control of my computer, and typing passwords all day is not my idea of being productive.

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    check the following solution on moosy blog:
    Moosy blog

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    It doesn't seem to work :-/ Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

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