I recently installed OpenSUSE 11 (moving from Ubuntu 8.04).

I have Amarok 1.4.9 and have compiled the latest version of libgpod from CVS - I've renamed the old lib, and copied the newly compiled version into /usr/lib (all symlinks are correctly pointing to the new version).

However, Amarok doesn't seem to be even using the new version, and I have even tried deleting libgpod.so.3.0.0 completely, rebooting and Amarok still manages to read and write to the iPod.

Does anyone know why this is? Before on Ubuntu, the steps outlined above were all that was required to run Amarok against a new version of libgpod, but the build of Amarok in SUSE seems to work even when the libgpod library is removed?!

Any ideas?