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Thread: GRUB Error 22

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    Question GRUB Error 22

    GNU Grub version 0.97 (640K lower/3073K upper memory)
    [Minimal BASH-like editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completion. Anywhere else TAB lists possible completions of device filename.]
    grub> setup --stage2=/boot/grub/stage2 (hd0,4) (hd0, 4)

    Error 22: No such partition

    My system specs are:

    AMD X2 6400
    2 gb ddr2 800
    2 320 Gb HD's (both are sata, 1 has XP the other is extra for back up)
    1 160 Gb HD IDE

    Now I wanted to install SuSE on the other 320 Gb drive and leave XP by itself and got this error.

    Anyone know what I should do next?


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    Default Re: GRUB Error 22

    This is well documented.

    For a quick answer, boot a liveCD, fdisk print, cat /boot/grub/menu.lst, and check that your partitions are accurate. Remember that GRUB begins numbering at 0.
    J. Antman
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