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Thread: Clean install 11, keep 10.3 /home?

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    Ok I've got 11 on the way as soon as Novell ships. I want to keep my /home with the new clean install. Would you take the time to run down the steps in doing that? or if there's a link to something I'd appreciate it.


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    I did a clean install of 11 over a 10.3 /home. It couldn't be simpler... When you get past the initial configuration stuff in the installer it automatically decides on the partitioning. Good guide here:

    Installation/11.0 DVD Install - openSUSE

    It's the best installer I ever used. I screwed up the desktop with 3D effects and had to re-install. It took around 20 mins!


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    It should be pretty straightforward. If you installed 10.3 in the default way, you should have three partitions on your hard drive:
    SWAP ..................(probably 1-2x your RAM)
    / ............root.......(probably 10-20GB)
    /home .....home.....(the rest of your hard drive)
    When you install 11, just check the partitioning to make sure the mount point for /home is the same, and make sure that partition isn't going to be formatted. It's ok to reformat the root partition, but /home is what you want to keep. You can check or change this by clicking the "Advanced" button when you get to the partitioning step.
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    Thanx to both of you, looks easier than I figured. I appreciate the info!


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    watch out for compiz not going to startup after a new login.
    ( OpenSuSE 11.0 - Upgrade or Clean Install? - Page 5 - openSUSE Forums )

    that happend to be after keeping my /home, everthing else worked just fine.

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    Thanx usernorth, I appreciate your input!

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