Happy to find you here.

I'm totally new to linux and, apparently, to OpenSuse.

When I tried to look for a distro, I liked what I've read about OpenSuse and so, when version 11 came out, I installed it in a VM.

Everything went fine with the installation (I think so) and I had a desktop in a few minutes. I choose KDE 4. I even managed to install the Greek language and the flag at the taskbar by myself (no how-tos).

Then I wanted to check what is going on with multimedia files. So, I downloaded a small video which was in a rar file. Arc (I think this is the application name) couldn't recognize the rar format. I looked in the updater application with all the packages and the repositories (sorry if I don't remember the correct names) but I couldn't find what I wanted. I used the search feature for "rar", "archive", "7-zip" and I tried to browser through all those strange for me names. I clicked on a few things, they installed but nothing happened. I looked at the suse online repository and I "one-click" installed 5rar (or something like that) but still nothing happened. At this point I got an error that seemed like a "broken package" error. Not sure though.

After a lot of installing and uninstalling I managed to understand that I've gotten a command line tool for unraring the file. I even managed to unrar the file through the command line!

The "Arc" application still can't handle rar files. How can I implement rar capabilities to Arc so I don't have to use the command line every time?

After I managed to unrar the file I wanted to play the video. It is an .mpg video file. I looked in the package installer for codecs but with no luck. So I decided to install VLC. I know that VLC can play anything, so I thought that that was the way for me, for the time being. I installed VLC but when I ran it I saw a very small and messed up window that did nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled VLC a lot of times but without success.

I finally decided to install a beta version (I think 0.9). It installed and when I ran it I saw a familiar window. I thought that I'd succeed. Alas, when I loaded the .mpg file The only thing that happened is that the scroll bar moved. No picture, no sound. What do I have to do to be able to play all the multimedia files? I don't necessarily want to to it with VLC. Amarok or Kaffeine or other applications are fine by me.

Another problem I faced is when I needed to install the VMWare tools. I was presented with two files in the virtual CD-Rom. An .Rpm file and a .tz or something - a zipped file. Everything I did was a failure. How can I install applications like that?

Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for the big post.