Hey everyone!

I installed opensuse 11.0 with gnome, and I must say: it's the best linux distro ever! Everything is beautiful, functional and fast. It's light years ahead of Ubuntu, Mandriva and others.

But I'm having one minor problem:

The search function on the main panel is not working properly. In KDE 4.0.4, I type the name of the software and it instantly appears, so I only have to press Enter to open the software.

But in gnome it never shows the soft. If I write "firefox" and press enter, it opens a window saying that firefox could not be found - but it's right there, in the favorite applications!

I got used to just type the first letters of the software and press enter, and it's been somewhat annoying to choose the software from the list everytime with the mouse!

It's a small problem, I know, but if I could fix it, then Opensuse would be perfect for me =)

Thanks a lot people!