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    Post internet not working

    I am new to linux . I had opensuse 10.3 before this opensuse 11. I am have a problem that on system tray it shows that wire network got connected but when i run firefox than it wont work. means no access to internet .i don't know what is problem .

    please help me. i have DSL.

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    You say that in the KDE desktop you have internet, but FireFox is oblivious of it. In order to rule out some issues you can try:

    0. try using konqueror.
    1. go into a terminal and issue the following command:
    If you get 0% loss, you have internet!
    2. go into yast -> network -> network card
    select this and deactivate IPv6 option. Reboot and chances are high that everything works.

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    Smile thnx

    thank you for your fast reply. now my INTERNET is working.

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