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    Im pretty new at openSuse, so I wonder is there possibility that all users sets be reseted on default just using Terminal. Under users sets I mean on theme, wallpaper, icons, language bar...

    If it is possible I would be glad to know how

    I am waiting for your response.
    Thank you.

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    Move the desktop files is probably the easiest but will reset all like bookmarks, contacts, saved mail maybe etc..

    For example if KDE

    mv ~/.kde ~/.kde-bak

    Bonus of mv over rm is you can go back through it and take bits back if needed or be reversed. Then relog in. I guess the same for gnome find the hidden gnome folder at users home.

    Strange place for this post suspect applications would of been better suited.
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    I'm sensing you want to lock down your user environment...
    There are a couple of tools for this, kiosk is one of the best known (KDE only). Pessulus and PolicyKit are tools that can be used for GNOME.

    Have a read here for some ideas : :: Lock down the GNOME desktop with Pessulus
    KDE System Administration - KDE TechBase
    Have a lot of fun!

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