Hi, I have downloaded the wonderful SUSE 11 - 64bit version and installed it on an ext3 filesystem partition but when I have finish setting up my SUSE with all the relevent software for my needs and with the correct drivers installed, I then proceed to try and make a backup of my SUSE partition as an image using Norton Ghost 8 (2003), but as soon as I start the backup, it says straight-away that the backup was successful...even though the finished backup file is only about 4KB!

I have successfully used Norton Ghost with ext3 formatted partition before with SUSE 10 and everything was ok with that... Anybody have any ideas why Norton Ghost does this?! Is it something to with the 64bit SUSE! I don't understand why this is happening with SUSE 11 because I tested it on SUSE 10 with the same ext3 filesystem partition.