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Thread: LUKS delay at bootup

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    Default LUKS delay at bootup

    I use LUKS on my /home partition and it always ask me for the password, which is perfect.

    But sometimes when I'm away from the laptop during the bootup, it will not wait in the password prompt.
    When I come back to the laptop, it always booted into opensuse but with strange behavior due to no able to access /home partition.

    is there any way to make LUKS wait indefinitely for my password input at bootup?

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    Smile Re: LUKS delay at bootup

    Yep! It's easy too.

    As root, edit /etc/crypttab and change the second none to timeout=0

    <blah> <blah> none none

    to be

    <blah> <blah> none timeout=0

    The <blah> values will be unique to your computer. Don't change those columns.

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