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    I try to install VLC via the "add/remove software" but the list off dependencies is too long and i can't see the OK button... I can't click it too, the windows is to big and can't move it usefull..

    Someone can help me?


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    what version of suse are you using, and what desktop environment? why not try the 1click install?


    search for vlc and whichever suse version you are using.

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    Default Re: add/remove software

    why not open a terminal and do it the easy way

    # zypper install vlc
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    I'm Using A Brand New OpenSuse 11.

    it's not due to VLC, but to any program with a lot of dpendencies.

    The windows is too long and the "install" button doesn't appaer.
    And there is no keyboard shortcut to click "install".

    I tried to move the window, but not possible to move it as it should, my screen is too small (or the windwos is too big, and there is no bar to move the comptent).

    The console solution is one, but no possibility to sea all version. (and I like Suse for his Graphical Freshness)

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