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Thread: Problems!!!??

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    Esco23 NNTP User

    Default Problems!!!??

    i bought a Samsung R60 Aura T2370 this morning and installed open SUSE 10.3!!Now i have a lot of problmens!!
    My Network doesnt work!!Lspci says:

    Ethernetcontroler: Unknown device 0001:001c (rev 01)
    Ethernetcontroler: Unknown device 0001:4354 (rev 15)

    how can i get it work??

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    Default Re: Problems!!!??

    The title of your thread 'Problems' is not very usefull. Do you think you will attrack more network gurus to your problem hen you:
    1. does not post in network/internet;
    2. make no mention of your real problem in the heading?
    Henk van Velden

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    Uwe Buckesfeld NNTP User

    Default Re: Problems!!!??

    On 06/23/2008 Esco23 wrote:
    > R60 Aura T2370

    Do you know which network chipset it uses?
    Please post the output of

    hwinfo --network
    hwinfo --netcard


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    Default Re: Problems!!!??

    Also, please do not double post. if you post in the wrong section,or are unsure which section to post, Ask a moderator or admin. I'm sure they will help where they can.other post deleted

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