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    i have Mobile 915GM Express Graphics Controller (Intel) but my system heve two devices Mobile 915GM EGC and 915GM, and using second one. How i can change it.

    Section "Device"
    BoardName "915 GM"
    BusID "0:2:0"
    Driver "Intel"
    Identifier "Device[0]"
    Option "monitor-LVDS" "Monitor[0]"
    VendorName "Intel"

    im fresh in SuSE

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    did you try some tweaking with Yast ?
    >computer>system>Yast>Hardware>Graphic card and monitor
    You can change things with this graphic tool.


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    Default Re: intel graphic 915

    there i can change just monitor, for graphic card i have only option > , any change i can doit

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