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Thread: Install with ACPI Feature Enabled in BIOS

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    Question Install with ACPI Feature Enabled in BIOS

    I am using AMD Athlon 1600+ 64 Bit processor along with ASUS M2N-MX SE Plus motherboard with 512 MB of DDR2 RAM installed with the machine. But as soon as I boot the machine with the OpenSuSe 11 bootable media and start installing the OS on the machine. It loads the kernel upto 100 % and then the system is halted and i dont have any other option other than restarting the system.

    On the other hand i have disabled the ACPI feature from the BIOS and then try the same thing again and now i have been able to install the OS successfully. After getting installed if i enable the ACPI feature the OS dont work at all.

    So I am now confused that now what should be done to this machine? Whether this is the problem of the Motherboard BIOS or this is the problem with Linux itself?

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    probably the motherboard. there is no real standardisation with regards to ACPI. most manufacturer's making their own version to get things working. maybe a bios update would help

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    Dear Andy,
    I have even downloaded the lattest working bios as well as beta bios provided on the site of the manufacturere of the motherboard. But still it didnt work at all. So try to find out some other solution. This is one biggest issue why all the coming linux users got frustrated in the starting punch only. If we could find out some through solution to this we can definately increase the numbers in this community.
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