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Thread: What is it?

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    Default Re: What is it?

    cashoob wrote:
    > Oh well - this way we can say that MS Windows should be great because we
    > pay for it, duh, but is not and what to do with it?!? Shame on me? Maybe
    > not. If I do a thing I do it once and well. I do not sell or give away
    > my product when I know that is not finished or not working. And who
    > said that I do not help SuSE? ...10.3 oh well, it
    > works...somehow...Community project...oh well...we go around
    > again...this way we can excuse everything...I think that is a time to
    > make a decision if SuSE is going to be more and more unstable and new
    > versions are going to be out every 6 months or we will see new release
    > once in few years but one and rock solid. There is no explanation for
    > bad work...Long time ago I did buy SuSE 9.3 from Novell but when after
    > a year I did find no more support for it I gave up...dollars are not
    > groving on the trees...I wish SuSE good time and run but without
    > me...Good luck

    cjcox does have a point though. Unless people start writing bug reports,
    the devs don't know what to fix. It almost becomes a chicken/egg situation.

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    Default Re: What is it?

    cashoob wrote:

    > I am sorry then. You know as I know that 10.1 was bad, and 10.2 was bad
    > and 10.3 got better but not perfect, and as u say hardware is to be
    > blamed - is it? For your information I did install it on few different
    > computers lots of times and trust me I do bugs reports as well as rent
    > but my point here is not to be some kind of Forum Troll but to rise a
    > point: "Is there a need to release new version of the system every 6-8
    > months? And when it gets stable to kill it because there is out next 3
    > versions up so is no more support and updates, etc?" Was there a need
    > for 11.0??? Very big need? Wasn't better to keep 10.3 for 6-8 months
    > longer and build it rock solid? What is so great about 11.0 what could
    > not be build in 10.3? KDE4? KDE4 is a nice but I prefer 3.5 because 4
    > is still a child and should be made as a demo not as a permanent shell.
    > 10.3 is working on my hardware and is working not bad but 11 is just
    > crashing. I am not going to do debugs because I am tired. How many
    > times I can do it? and what is a point if I find what is killing my
    > system if in next 6 months will be 11.1 same bad as 11.0 is now. I
    > think that u get focused not on the system stability but on shiny nice
    > sparkles and you did forget the main linux idea which is to keep the
    > system tidy and stable. Please ease this attacks on me because I am
    > right here and the point is that I can't use the system as permanent
    > and can't trust it. So if I cannot trust it I treat is as some kind of
    > exotic experience. The some problem is with Fedora and Ubuntu and that
    > is why I do not see a big future for this systems. And that is why Bill
    > G is still winning because he knows that Linux is an exotic but not
    > serious system. As long the system is not going to be stable release
    > with support for long time, noone is going to use it permanently...the
    > true is that it is not going to change because 1000 of BIG FUNS of the
    > system will put **** on me now. I did use SuSE for 5 years as permanent
    > system with WIN in VM same as my friends did and guess what? Some moved
    > to Fedora some to Ubuntu but most to MS Vista...what does it mean? That
    > people are tired of constant changes and problems because "hardware is
    > bad for some releases". Oh well that is life...and to understand it you
    > need to grow up not to behave as 17 years old kids excited with code
    > writing. Get is straight: you do not improve the system, every 8 month
    > you turn it into bizarre freak. Congratulations!

    You know, there are distros designed for long term stability, like SUSE
    SLED, which doesn't change very much except for bug fixes for three years.
    It hardly seems fair to complain about openSUSE when there is an
    alternative that seems tailor made for what you say you want.

    While there were some problems with 10.1, which were mostly fixed within a
    few weeks, I haven't seen many major problems with 10.2 or 10.3. Of course
    if the openSUSE distro wasn't updated for 3 years except for bug fixes,
    some of the people complaining now about lack of stability would be moaning
    about how dated the distro was getting.

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    Default Re: What is it?

    > I am so disappointed in Linux recently. Time to move into OS X...

    Maybe you should try FreeBSD?

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