Hi, I am having real trouble getting my wireless internet connection to work in Suse. I have just installed opensuse 11 coming from Ubuntu 8.04, and wireless was working fine in Ubuntu (detected the SSID of my wireless router, asked for WPA-PSK, then connected and was on the net with no troubles). However in Suse KDE4 it didn't seem to automatically detect my wireless access point. If I went to "add new connection" in knetworkmanager and put in SSID and WPA manually, it would then connect to router but not have internet access.

As I had played around with some settings during install I thought maybe I had broken something, so did a fresh install last night with gnome (I thought gnomes network manager might give me more success) and left default configuration during install as is. This time in gnome it does detect my wireless access point, and connects (very slowly compared to Ubuntu), but then again no internet access. I can log into my router, and ping both my router and modem (forgot to try logging into modem though), but try and open a webpage in firefox and get nothing (doesnt even look like it's trying to connect to a page, just does nothing).

I'm assuming there is a setting somewhere that is the problem, but it is very frustrating as it was so easy in Ubuntu to get it working, and even when I previously had opensuse 10.3 in the past there were no troubles like this. I've got no idea what to look for though, have played around with network settings in yast but no success. If anyone has any ideas that would be great.

I am writing this from Vista (dual boot) atm and it tells me in device manager that I have an Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection if that helps, but I don't think it's a hardware or driver problem as it connects to router but just cannot access net.