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Thread: network printer brother HL-2070N

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    steve84jc NNTP User

    Default network printer brother HL-2070N

    I have installed 11.0 from the KDE4 live CD this morning. After going to http://localhost:631 and clicking the Administration tab -> Find new printers, nothing is found. If I try to set it up by http or ipp printing, etc, it appears to set up but nothing can be printed. I have assigned the printer a static IP address. There is a driver for this printer in cups. Printing works from my slackware hard drive. To top it off, I can ping the printer and it talks back no problem. Anyone know how to get it to print?

    Thanks, Steve

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    steve84jc NNTP User

    Default Re: network printer brother HL-2070N

    Hi Steve,

    You can't set up your printer the way you have in some other distributions you may have used, and you can't use Manage Printing in the Utilities section of the K-menu either.

    First, make sure your printer is connected and on. Go into your router firmware and give your printer a manually assigned IP address. For this example I'll use

    Start Yast
    Hardware -> Printer
    Add -> Network Printers, Next
    Print Directly to a network printer, Next
    Direct TCP Port Printing (the default), Next
    Enter (change for your actual assignment of the printer IP address) into the "Hostname of Print Server" field.
    Click "Test remote socket access"
    A message should read "The print server is accessible."
    Enter anything you want into fields for Name for printing, Printer description and location.
    Deselect share printer unless you want that option for other computers on your local network (BTW, they can still print). Next.
    Click "Basic Settings" tab.
    Click install to install cups-drivers, filters, and manufacture PPDs.
    After that is done click "Change Model"
    I chose Brother HL-2060 since HL-2070N wasn't available.
    For the driver I used the preselected default:
    Brother HL-2060 foomatic/hl1250 (recommended)...
    Click Add Driver, Next, Finish.

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