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Thread: Compiz on Intel945gm

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    Default Compiz on Intel945gm

    Hi there. I know that there is a lot of documentation about this, but OpenSuse DOES'NT want to start correctly the effect. I tried bot Ailgx and Xgl, but every time i start fusion-icon what i get is :no cube, no effects, no borders, no title-bars. It's disappointing because on the same machine i had , over time, opensuse 10.1,10.2,10.3. Thanks for reading and any help

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    Have you enable hardware accelaration in sax2?

    Then, juste go to ccsm and click: enable desktop effect.

    edit: I'm not sure, but I read somewhere that intel's gpus have problem with something in the driver.

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    Default Re: Compiz on Intel945gm

    I'm running openSUSE 11 with an Intel 945 GM chipset.. no issues whatsoever with compiz.

    With the 10.x series I always needed some tuning in xorg.conf, but so far I'm using all defaults in 11.

    As a start would you post the contents of two files? ; /etc/X11/xorg.conf & /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager ?

    Also, which DE are you running? GNOME, KDE or ?

    Have a lot of fun!

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