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Thread: First Impressions after Installation of openSUSE 11.0

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    Default Re: First Impressions after Installation of openSUSE 11.0

    I have had a good experience with the kde 3 installation. I tried kde4 earlier - but that is still problematical (or maybe I don't know how to do things)
    Opensuse 11 is very professional and has some nice new features
    openSUSE Leap + KDE

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    Default Re: First Impressions after Installation of openSUSE 11.0

    First, many thanks to all those who worked on this version of openSUSE.

    I did an "upgrade" install from 10.3 from a downloaded DVD.
    The install went smoothly, except....
    Received a couple of hundred (literally!) dependency problems.
    These seemed to be mostly regarding KDE 4.
    I selected a lot of "ignore"s and ended up with KDE 3.5 (again).

    The new Firefox 3.0 is lightening fast.

    My biggest concern is that Auto-update is broken.
    The good news: it knows it is broken and gives the message -

    Unable to check for patches and updates because /usr/sbin/zypp-checkpatches-wrapper helper programm is not set SUID root. This problem might be solved by setting "File Permissons" in YaST "Local Security" tab to "easy" or by modifying /etc/permissions.local
    WARNING: Since zypper 0.11.1, this program is deprecated and will be dropped for openSUSE 11.1. Use zypp-refresh-wrapper as a replacement, followed by any regular zypper query command. To check for patches, execute 'zypper --xmlout lu' after executing zypp-refresh-wrapper.

    The bad news: it is broken.
    The good news: I can check for updates in Yast manually.
    The bad news: I miss the automatical updater.
    It worked nicely in 10.3.

    Last item - my mouse wheel is still "broken".
    It worked on 10.2, got broken in 10.3 and is still broken.
    Sure do wish someone would fix this or tell me how to fix it myself.

    I give version 11.0 an 8/10.

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    Default Re: First Impressions after Installation of openSUSE 11.0

    I haven't had any issues with openSUSE 11 either, kde 3.5.9.
    Just a few tweaks and should be good to go. It was pretty painless.
    I think I am going to like 11.0 a lot.
    Inquiring minds want to know?

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    Default Re: First Impressions after Installation of openSUSE 11.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Chrysantine View Post
    Looks like every single problem on the list is due to KDE4 - please switch to KDE3.5 and let's see how that 11.0 treats you
    I switched to KDE4.1 beta today, and most of my problems vanished .

    No more error on login, and the applet thingies work properly.

    Nice themes too .

    Now to figure out why I can't get visudo to let me use nopasswords!

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    Default Re: First Impressions after Installation of openSUSE 11.0

    first post!

    best opensuse install so far (inspiron6400 core duo (i386x2)).

    all worked except wireless on broadcom 1390 mini pci. i made my own howto about a year ago on opensuse10.2 and it still works with ndiswrapper. always takes around 20min to get working, but to be fair, its not opensuse's fault, broadcom don't make their drivers opensource .

    (my better half has a amd x64, and same howto is used with x64 drivers)

    everything works now, but i have no time for "closed source" software or drivers anymore. broadcom, u suck!
    *(i order an intel wifi card and will avoid all broadcom products from now on.)

    i also went for kde3.5, as its faster and strains the gpu less than kde4. i found that battery life and temp is much more acceptable with kde3.5. also very stable.
    i would use kde4 on a desktop, not a laptop.

    i also installed xfce on my server. very nice. clean and fast. perfect for server.

    i been on suse since 9.3, and every release was a major improvement. opensuse 11 is by far the best os today for me. looks great, very stable and secure. never let me down. i hated the old package manager, but the new one is a 10/10.

    great work opensuse team!
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    Default Re: First Impressions after Installation of openSUSE 11.0

    Just to note that not all probs with 11.0 stem from KDE4: my first
    attempt with the 11.0 retail dual-layer DVD from the box on an Athlon64
    didn't go too well, either, and I had selected the Gnome desktop just to
    avoid the KDE3 vs. KDE4 issues. ;-)

    After going through the software selection and adding and removing a few
    (ok, a lot of) packages, it just hung with the progress bar frozen at 27%.

    Tilman Schmidt
    Phoenix Software GmbH
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    53227 Bonn, Germany Geschftsfhrer: W. Griel

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