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    I have been using a very slick script called patch2mail on my 10.3 machines. It appears this script doesn't work with OpenSUSE 11 and was wondering if anyone has a fix or a way that I can check security patches on several SUSE PCs without having to logon to each one and verifying. That is what the patch2mail script was doing running in cron.daily.

    Found the thread in the archive section, Software And System Updates 10.3 - openSUSE Forums

    It appears something has changed with zypp that breaks the script. Any suggestions on how I can correct the script or accomplish the patch checking.


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    Can anyone help or do I just need to wait until the package is updated for version 11?

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    I thought I would revisit this thread to see if anyone has a solution for me yet.

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    If your program does what I think it does, it seems to me it wouldn't be hard to write a shell script to run

    zypper pchk
    and notify you if the number is non-zero.

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