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    Hello there. I'm installing SUSE11.0 with Win XP. I created a 20GB partition on the 2nd harddrive for SUSE. When the installation going to 'Initialise package manager', a YaST2 warning pops up say 'Unable to create repository'. After I accept trying again, another form requests me fill in Repository Name, Disk Device and File System. Any tips on how to deal with this problem?

    Since I'm new here. It would be much appreciated if anyone could give me a hand. Many Thanks!


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    This message comes usually when he suddenly cant find the DVD Drive to read from it. Most of time it means a driver Problem which can be solved by a bootoption.

    Is it an IDE Driver. Which Motherboard?

    Please do also an Mediacheck.
    Start the installation - abort it at an early stage (after the Licence Agreement f.e) - press enter to dispose of the errormessage and choose Verify installationmedium.
    If it shows error maybe you have a bad DVD.

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    It sounds like YaST cannot connect to the internet. Just ignore it and continu the installation. Add the repo's later.
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    It might be bad md5 checksum. I had the same thing on DVD-RW, You need to check the md5.

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    hi, I have the same problem, unable to create repository, md5 sum is ok.

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    It would be helpful to identify the install media(DVD,LIVE CD or NetInstall) The only one of these that you must have an external install repository source is the NetInstall otherwise the step can be skipped until after installation. It is probably caused by a connection problem with internet or repository server being busy. If your internet connection is OK the install will give you a chance to add an update repo at the end of the install process.

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