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Thread: opensuse 11 freez at system configuration

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    Default opensuse 11 freez at system configuration

    trying to install opensuse 11, everything works fine then it will freez at configuration step, i try uncheck the auto configuration, still freez, i use the same dvd and work no problem on the other computer, i tried switch video card still no help, here is my hardware, p4 2.66 on ecs motherboard, 1gb ddr 400, 180gb sata hd connect to motherboard, 1dvd drive 1 dvd burner,onboard lan, audio, pci airlink wireless card, i tried a ati and a nvidea card, no different, so what is stopping the installation?

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    just wait about 60 min. Then it must be over. When that don't work, i don't know it to...

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    You say that the DVD works on the other computer. Did you actually go through an entire installation on the other computer?

    Somes users have been having problems with the downloaded .iso file or with the burned DVD. I had to burn the .iso 4 times before it worked properly, and each of the previous 3 burns had problems with different tracks (so the installation would fail at different points in the process).

    So you may want re-check the .iso and the DVD md5sums. And, before installing, choose from the menu to do a media check.

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