I have an Intel motherboard with integrated video card and I had two problems with it.

First, the openSuSE 11 installer crashed when probing hardware (the screen flashed multiple times, showing alternatively blank screen and console; then the monitor turned off and nothing seemed happen any more, so I restarted the computer after waiting for some mminutes). This is also how the openSuSE 10.2 installer behaved (I formatted the SUSE 10.2 partition and installed SUSE 11.0 over it). On the positive side I must say that there was an improvement from SUSE 10.2: in SUSE 10.2, the graphical desktop was unusable in the uncompleted installation but in SUSE 11 it worked, although in 800x600 mode and using generic VESA driver.

As I wanted to have a better resolution and some acceleration, I ran sax2 in console mode. In the SAX configuration, I chose my monitor (NEC MultiSync FE700+) and selected 1024x768 resolution and 24-bit colors. This generated a xorg.conf used the intel driver. Now when I started kdm everything seemed fine but when I logged in and the logging-in progress bar had reached its end (once I was even able to see the KDE4 desktop for a second), the session suddenly ended and I was back at the KDM log in screen. I created a new user and had still the same result when trying to log in with the new user.

I changed DefaultDepth to 16 bits in xorg.conf and now the problem does not occur. However, in some places (especially the SUSE KDM login screen with its smooth colors) 16-bit colors look ugly.

I also tried the i810 driver (with sax2 -r -m 0=i810) and the results were the same: 1024x768x16 works, but 1024x768x24 does not.

This is my video adapter information in Windows' Display Settings:
Adapter Type
Intel(R) 82810E Graphics Controller
Adapter Information
Chip Type: Intel(R) 82810
DAC Type: Internal
Memory Size: 4 MB
Adapter String: Intel(R) 82810 Graphics Controller

In Windows the video card works at 1024x768x24 and if I remember correctly, I also had true colors at 1024x768 resolution in SUSE 10.2 with KDE3.