Oke, my question is quite simple... but please do not mis understand me here...

I wish to use the old style main menu instead of the suse style menu...this i am able to do just perfectly by adding the proper applet...

but here is the thing, the diffirent menu's are devided into
subfolders for internet browsers,e-mails clients, enz, enz en i find this highly anoying.
Is it possible to have all the icons just shown in the main folder by changing the menu style ? i know it must be possible because ubuntu has this setup, but how to do it in suse 10.3 ? or 11.0 ?

[url=http://www.pcc-services.com/articles/images/mandrake_gnome.jpg]thi is the menu style i am have now

and this is what i wish to have it changed to.

i know it must be possible because thisscreenshot proofs it.

can anyone tell me to change this ? i can't find it anywhere.