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Thread: Is the counter right?

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    Question Is the counter right?

    Right now, for me at least, it is Monday June 16th (10:50 am EST if anybody cares).

    OpenSUSE is due out on the 19th (Thursday) but the counter says "2 days"?!

    I would LOVE it to be only 2 days away (means I can present it at the Linux special interest group meeting Wednesday night).

    So is the counter incorrect (and people over-eager)?

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    Maybe it's set to GMT or UTC...
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    The clock will probably change to Hours and Minutes by the time Wednesday comes around, so it should actually be 2 Days and X amount of Hours/Minutes till realease.

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    or if you really want it Before thursday you could also grab the OpenSuSe_11_GM torrents that are up on TPB right now. They seem perfectly legit to me and burned perfectly and matching the md5sums.

    There are no guarantees of course but when fedora9 was leaked on TPB a week before release they were also the correct final release, matching the official shasums.

    The official torrent files also seem to be circling around but I did not get any seeders on that one and I also saw a few mirrors that were prepping their 11 tree.

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