I never really bothered in the past using OpenSUSE on my laptop because XP was sufficient at the time. But now it's just old and I can't be bothered to reinstall it every time something goes wrong, and the worst part most apps I use require an Admin account.

I tried OpenSUSE 10.3 or 10.2 on my laptop, I'm not quite sure which version it was, but I had a problem with the new 'intel' driver replacing the 'i810' driver in x.org conf. So I reinstalled the 'i810' driver and everything was fine.

Can I still do this on OpenSUSE 11 or is there no support for the i810 driver anymore, the reason for needing this is because the intel driver caused X to lock up on logout and nothing could be pressed apart from a hard reboot.

This did not happen with the i810 driver. Or has this been resolved in a new version of the intel driver.