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    In the old Novell forum threads in which one had participated had a checkmark.

    Is there anything simmilar on the new forum?
    Or perhaps a way to subscribe to a thread to receive a note when the thread is updated?

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    You can subscribe to the thread (I'll have to ask about the checkmarks). To subscribe to a thread click on the "Thread Tools" link above the thread, and you'll see the subscribe option there.

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    The check marks are there for posts you have replied/subscribed to when scrolling through the posts listing. Quite a nice option too
    Have a lot of fun!

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    Not sure about subscribed, or what the difference between the outlined circle and the non-outlined one is, but ...

    If you mark threads as read you have a outlined circle with a smaller one. Bit like a comment bubble this seems to relate to threads responded to.
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    There's a legend at the bottom of a forum thread listing. You'll see that a thread that has a small circle at the bottom right of the large circle indicates a thread you've participated in.
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