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Thread: asusfan on asus a8jm notebook

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    Default asusfan on asus a8jm notebook

    Hello All,

    I have an Asus A8jm notebook that has a nvidia 7600 Go video card in it. I have installed asusfan from the repos, however whenever I try to run it, it gives the following error:

    linux@linux:~> asusfan --mode=2 --speed=3500
    ERROR: Could not initialise NVidia card

    Does anyone know whether I am missing something? It was a clean opensuse install.

    linux@linux:~> uname -a
    Linux linux #1 SMP 2008/02/10 20:01:04 UTC i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

    asusfan version: 0.1-92

    Thanks in advance

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    8 years later ....
    I do have the very same issue on asus GL752.
    when booting with "nomodeset" kernel option, the fan stops running but resolution is fixed to 800x600 (not too interesting).
    I found no workaround
    Any help is welcome.

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    Default Re: asusfan on asus a8jm notebook

    Laptop Machines with Intel+NVIDIA GPU require Bumblebee to manage the two different GPU.

    If you installed NVIDIA driver remove it and follow instructions here

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    Default AW: asusfan on asus a8jm notebook

    If there is only the free Radeon, Intel or Nouveau Driver running, they need kernel-modesetting so nomodest is not a good option......

    And you have another Problem than the TE 8 Years ago.

    So please open a new Thread.

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    Default Re: asusfan on asus a8jm notebook

    Yes, a new problem on another openSUSE version with probably no connection at all to this very old thread.

    Create a new thread with a good title. That is your best chance to draw the attention of nowadays active memebers here.

    This thread is CLOSED.
    Henk van Velden

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