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Thread: I'm giving a speech about SuSE

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    Default I'm giving a speech about SuSE

    Dear fellow SuSE users,

    I am in a public speaking class at my college for the summer. It's a condensed 5-week course. We're required to give a 6-8 minute informative speech on Wed. June 18 (five days from now). I am asking for some input and ideas from anyone willing to share any. We just got this assignment yesterday, and it's a fast-paced class, which is why I only have five more days to prepare.

    Our speeches are required to have one main topic and either two or three main points. My main topic will be SuSE (or possibly Linux in general), and I am still thinking about what two or three main points I will make. I was thinking about choosing the points 1) Explaining what SuSE is, and 2) Explaining how SuSE can be used as an alternative to Windows. I am also required to have some sort of visual aid(s) for my presentation. The classroom already has an excellent overhead LCD projector setup with a Mac OSX computer at the podium, which makes using Open Office Impress slide shows very easy.

    I have been using SuSE exclusively for over a year now. I don't even dual-boot. This gives me good credibility and authority in the subject. I have to mention this, because establishing our credibility and relating the topic to the audience accounts for about 15% of our speech grade.

    There are 17 students in the class, most of which are in non-technical degrees such as photography and illustration. There are probably no other Linux users in the class. There are several Mac users, however.

    If anyone has any ideas they would like to share about what two or three main points I should choose, or anything else I should include, or any particular visual aids or pictures for slides I should use, feel free to post anything. I'm not asking for anyone to do too much or to do the assignment for me or anything. I am just seeing if anyone has any quick ideas they want to throw at me. I appreciate anything any of you would like to say.

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    Default Re: I'm giving a speech about SuSE

    Also, if there are any examples of SuSE in the news that anyone knows about, or SuSE appearing in any magazines or journals, that would be a help, too.

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    Default Re: I'm giving a speech about SuSE

    1 - The concepts of OSS. Gratis and Libre.
    2 - Debunk the myth that Linux is hard.
    3 - Demonstrate how easy it is to dual-boot with openSUSE 11's new installer.
    4 - Most people primarily use a web browser. For them, Firefox is Firefox. The big difference with Linux is no spyware, no virus concerns, etc.
    5 - Show alternatives to common Microsoft apps.
    6 - Show off composite effects. Sexy UI trumps all.

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    Default Re: I'm giving a speech about SuSE

    Thanks! This could easily turn into a persuasive speech. I have to give a persuasive speech also this semester. I might just use SuSE for the persuasive one, and do something else for the informative speech.

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    Default Re: I'm giving a speech about SuSE

    To brush up on top level concepts, you could take a look at the openSUSE concepts wiki:
    Concepts - openSUSE

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    Default Re: I'm giving a speech about SuSE

    Focus on your experience of SUSE, not on other people's - what difference it has made to your life/use of computers - using the sub-points to demonstrate this difference.

    Personal experience is always more powerful than other people's ideas.

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    Default Re: I'm giving a speech about SuSE

    Recorded presentations available from openSUSE Day at LinuxT - openSUSE Forums may help

    When I was doing that for real, I used Vu-graphs which imparts visual information and talked to each one for about a minute. So, you would need 6 to 8. It should take the format:

    tell them what you are going to tell them
    tell them
    tell them what you told them

    (I also had backup slides for each question that might arise from each of the presentation vu-graphs.)

    Get a buddy to run the vu-graphs so you will be free to move about and gain eye contact.

    I also provided lapcharts of the main brief so they could take notes (and get something free). If you do that, include a page of links (and point that out).

    Rehearse; rehearse it front of a group of buddies too.

    Should be worth an "A".
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    Default Re: I'm giving a speech about SuSE

    Thanks, Snakedriver. What you said is exactly the format that our professor said our speech should follow: introduction, body of speech, and summary. I'll definitely take a look at those presentation videos for inspiration.

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    Default Re: I'm giving a speech about SuSE

    First of all, thanks to everyone who contributed ideas. I'm hoping that my speech about SuSE not only gets me a good grade, but also spreads the word about SuSE Linux and influences people to try it.

    I chose to make SuSE the topic for my persuasive speech, not my informative speech, so I don't deliver the speech until June 30.

    The professor is enforcing a set of guidelines for the speech that requires us to use this structure:

    1. Attention: Gain the attention of the audience by relating the topic to the audience, showing that the topic is important, and establishing personal credibility on the subject.

    2. Need: Having captured the audience's attention, make them feel a need for change.

    3. Satisfaction: Having aroused the sense of need, satisfy it by providing a solution to the problem. State your plan or idea and show how it will work. Include enough details to give the listeners a clear understanding of it.

    4. Visualization: Having given your plan, use imagery to show your listeners how they will benefit from your proposal. Make them see how much better conditions are once your plan is adopted.

    5. Call to action: Say exactly what you want the audience to do--and how to do it. Then conclude with a final stirring, reinforcing appeal.

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    Default Re: I'm giving a speech about SuSE

    Here is how I'm planning to organize my speech:

    1. Attention: Describe a scenario in which anyone from the audience is working on their speech outline for the class, and is burning the midnight oil (working late), and trying to find facts in articles and journal entries from all over the web to use in their report. They're working on a Windows PC or Mac. All of a sudden, their computer starts to slow up, then shut down. It has been infected with a virus! The virus has wiped out the boot sector of the hard drive, and the computer won't even boot up! A lot of hard work has been lost....or has it?

    2. Need: The student then needs to recover his report and other valuable data somehow. But how? The student doesn't have time to reinstall the entire operating system or repair it, because the report is due soon. The student needs to recover his data immediately. But in order to do this, the student needs an OS that will run independently of the now crippled Windows or Mac installation, and not be affected by the virus.

    3. Satisfaction: The SuSE LiveCD saves the day! The LiveCD is invulnerable to viruses, and runs completely in memory. This is exactly what the student needs to recover the data. Just the LiveCD, a thumb drive, and a few minutes, and the student can have all of their valuable work recovered, finish typing it, and also get online with Firefox and submit the report electronically. All of this takes less than 15 minutes.

    4. Visualization: I will use the projector mounted on the ceiling of the classroom to show an Impress slide show of the LiveCD creation and data recovery process. I will demonstrate how easy it is to use. I will show a slide of the recovered data.

    5. Call to action: Go and download the LiveCD today! You never know when you might need it.

    If anyone has any thoughts or comments, please post them. Any constructive criticism is welcome. Don't be afraid of being too harsh.

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