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    First of all, where do you find all applications that you have installed and secondly how do you uninstall them?

    How do you know if you have done a successful uninstall?

    hope someone can help.

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    Find what is installed typically (though not always 100% of the time if
    you are installing things w/out RPMs) with `rpm -qa` from the command
    line, or look in Yast.

    Keep in mind that while package management systems do a great job of
    helping with installs they don't mean you can't install something
    without using that system. For example many programs are simply
    extract-and-run apps. Others are compiled. Also keep in mind that the
    RPM system also has package that are not executables so they may not be
    considered programs because they are just libraries, or graphics
    packages, or whatever.

    How do you know they're gone? Well the RPM is gone from the list
    generated from the aforementioned command.

    Good luck.

    NEO-BAHAMUT- wrote:
    | First of all, where do you find all applications that you have installed
    | and secondly how do you uninstall them?
    | How do you know if you have done a successful uninstall?
    | hope someone can help.
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    I see, well could you give me a brief description on how i would go around it. I feel this is a very important part of an operating system, i used to hate it on windows when you would uninstall a program but it would leave stuff on your c: .... Im in the position now on linux where im wondering how i would go about uninstalling items. I could do a reinstall which i dont want to as 11.0 is out very soon. Maybe the linux community should look at making something like the "Add/Remove programs" function that Windows has. This should be something that records all the files that are installed with a certain package and creates a log of it. Then when you want to uninstall something it should be basic click and play and it knows which files need to be removed from the log in order for the application to be removed from your system.... Does 11.0 have a feature like this or is this actually possible to create?

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    You application list can be found (in Gnome, there may be some variation in KDE) by clicking the system button on the button left of the panel (Gnome) or the Kicker (KDE). This will bring up a list of favorite programs and recently used ones. There will be an option to view More Applications. Click that button, and all the programs that are installed on your system will appear on a list. To uninstall from this list, simply right-click a program and click the Uninstall option. The other way to see your packages is with YaST.

    To open YaST (Yet another System Tool), either click on the icon in the list of applications explained in the above paragraph, or open a terminal window and type yast2. Either way you open YaST, you will be prompted to enter your root password. Once you enter it, all of your repositories will load and this may take some time, depending on how many you have, so patience just as important. Once they finally load, you will be presented with a right-left panel screen. The left column is applications and packages you are able to install, and the right column are applications and packages you already have installed. If you click on an application in the right pane, the button between the two panels will say Uninstall. To uninstall the package, simply click this button and the package will be moved to the left panel. Once you are done uninstalling or installing programs, hit Accept and all changes you have made will be either installed or uninstalled.

    Those are the two basic ways to uninstall programs. Sorry for the long length.

    Hope that helps!

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