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Thread: Can't boot to 10.3 after installing 11.0rc1

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    Default Can't boot to 10.3 after installing 11.0rc1

    I have installed 11 rc1 on a separate derive from 10.3 and on the same drive as XP. XP is sda1 and 11,0 is sda2, 10.3 uses the entire second drive sdb1. I can no longer boot to 10.3 as it does not show up on the GRUB, 11.0 and xp do and that's all. I can use a boot cd (Super Grub) to boot back into 10.3 but I don't know how to fix the initial grub so I can dual boot to 10.3 and 11.0

    I asked this question before but my post has disappeared from this new forum, or at least I can't find it.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Can't boot to 10.3 after installing 11.0rc1

    Presumably rc1 is temporary and you want to restore control to 10.3. Boot into 10.3 and goto Yast --> system --> bootloader --> Other --> propose new configuration --> WAIT for the pause icon to disappear --> Boot Loader Installation --> checkmark "install in the MBR" and uncheck any other partitions selected by error there --> Finish
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